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Splice Detector Systems has developed the most diverse line of high-speed splice detectors for all facets of paper, film, and related allied trade conversion and material web based manufacturing processes.   Our products are the standard utilized by industry, large and small companies alike.  Our splice detection technologies will meet your companies quality initiatives and goals.  In one day, you will realize thousands of dollars saved upon the detection of a single splice that would have gone undetected to your customer.  With a return on investment within 24 hours in most applications, your company will improve its delivered product quality, process efficiencies and increase your customer base.  Our sensing technologies for splice, tearout, missing ply, web break and converting web inspection solutions include:


Capacitive Technologies

Resistive Technologies

Photosensitive Technologies

Camera Based Technologies


Our wide-ranging technologies makes it possible to choose the right solution and accessories for your specific quality initiatives and inspection application.


1000 Series Splice Detection Solutions


All of our splice detection systems are well proven devices for the detection of splices in single and/or multiple web material processes. Our technologies do not require re-calibration for changes in grade, # of webs, color of splice material, color or web material or process speed. Our Model 1032, 1032B and 1032C classic splice detection solutions provide a standard 7-10 ms, 12-15 volt pulse out or a dry contact rating of 110VAC, 3 amps, non-inductive capacity that is closed for one second on detection of a splice. Our Model 1088 and 1088B Sentinel runs off of 24VDC and provides an output capability of 5, 12, 15 or 24VDC digital pulse in three selectable timing modes of 1 millisecond, 10 milliseconds and 100 milliseconds. The signal output is set by default low to high but can be changed high to low.  All units come with a red power indication lamp and an amber splice alarm indication lamp, which are activated upon the detection of a splice. Additionally, all units have a LED sensor light located within the sensor section that beams out of the unit showing that the unit has correct and current power applied.  Our splice detection technologies can be tied directly into the process equipment for which it is installed on and can be installed at any angle provided the material is running parallel through the device. Provided within this website is technical information associated with our splice detection technologies that will guide you in selecting the best-suited solution for your particular application. Please take some time to read over this information very carefully and note any questions you may have that require additional clarification or description.  You can then contact us via email or our information sheet to request quotations and related additional information. 

To date we have supplied over 5000 units worldwide.  Our units are guaranteed 100%. We also provide web inspection technology for sheeting, winding and slitting processes to include coating streak detection specifically developed for silicone and adhesive processes.


1000 Series Control and Ancillary Solutions


Along with our various splice detection solutions, we offer a wide range of control and ancillary equipment that can be interfaced with our splice detectors or process systems such as our watermark registration control technology, dandy roll control technology, sheeter reject gate control technology, multi-color marking  solutions, as well as custom designed and manufactured solutions not available from other suppliers for whatever needs you may have.  These solutions are cost effective and very reliable and will enhance your quality control initiatives and goals. 



1000 Series Missing Ply Detection Technology


With some modifications to our splice detection solutions, we developed and have implemented very successfully our missing ply detection sensor for the detection of missing plies in multiply web material such as tissues and napkins.  This technology will detect the absence of a ply and alert the operational staff as to prevent jams or roll ups within embossing processes that will affect overall product and potentially cause damage to sensitive embossing equipment.



1000 Series Web Press Splice Detection Technology


Through extensive work with HP digital web press solutions, we developed a turn key solutions for web presses that will allow for the sensitive ink heads to lift prior to the passage of a splice that can damage the print heads.  This technology is a must for any web press manufacturers of print mailers, newsprint or other printing applications.



Sheeter Inspection Technologies


The Model 3600 OPTOMIZER® FCS Sheeter Inspection™ Technology was developed in cooperation with European paper makers for the inspection of web material to be sheeted. This technology incorporates cost effective high definition filtering that provides complete inspection and rejection of all defective future sheeted material. Future slit line compatible, this systems can easily adapt to changes in production from parent roll to end product.


4000 Series Technologies



The Model 4000 AutoTrack® Technology is an advanced automatic tracking system designed so our customer can adapt edge mounted quality assurance, control and analytical monitors and/or components to facilitate complete automation. The technology provides the ability to automate any technology to advance/retard into a web based process eliminating operational intervention and ensuring the quality control components are “ONLINE” when needed.


The Model 4010 Crease and Lump™ Detection Technology is designed for high gloss, high end coated web material applications such as cast coat, magnetic media and other materials where the slightest elevation will result in lost production, down time and poor quality.




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