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Registration Accuracy:

1/16" (1.5 mm) or Less
From Registration Mark

Marks Detected:

Non-Keyed Watermarks
Keyed Watermarks
Printed Watermarks
Other Marks Subject to Tests

Maximum Web Speed:

Depending on Application


Rack Mounted

Material Color Range:

Subject to Tests

Material Color Range:

Subject to Tests



Ambient Temperature:

40 to 160° F (4 to 70° C)


110/220/240 VAC
50/60 Hz
Single Phase

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Note: The Register Control System supplies all necessary electronics and controls with the exception of the double differential in the drive of the rotary knife. The double differential is supplied by the cutter manufacturer.

Insure Material Registration:

The Dandy Roll Control™ Technology automatically controls the application of all types of watermark, bug mark and security marks to ensure consistent application of such marks prior to further processing.  Through system integration with production equipment, THE Dandy Roll Control™ Technology is adapted to specialized applications to ensure in-register processing of web materials. It is suitable for many types of watermark processing in writing, text, cover, security and private authorization registration or similar process controls.


Detect Any Mark:

Since register mark variations are inevitable due to temperature, humidity, web expansion and contraction, it is very important to implement a proportional closed loop methodology as constant dandy roll speed cannot compensate for mark spacing.  Our proprietary drive control circuitry enables us to control the rotational speed of the dandy roll.  This determines the linear spacing of the watermark and/or bug marks along the web at the wet end of the machine in comparison to the measured mark spacing at the take up end.  Upon detection of the in-register marks, their spacing is measured, displayed and compared to an operator adjustable set point.  If there is any variations an error signal is generated and inputted into the closed loop methodology for feedback signal response to close the control loop upon application. 


The SLC module (sheet length control) must function with a large transport delay due to the time required for the web material to travel the length of the machine.  This could be 30 seconds at a machine speed of 900 fpm (xxx m/min).  This delay is the time differential when the feedback signal response is applied to the dandy roll drive controls and its affect is monitored by the take up sensor.  For example, a machine operating at 900 fpm (xxx m/min) travels 180 inches per second (00cm/second) and has a mark placement every 72 inches (00cm) thus generating a 400 millisecond mark spacing.  Theoretically, a new measurement, reading and correction can be provided every 400 milliseconds.  However, this is not necessary nor desirable since the transport delay is 30 seconds.  Temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions causing the in-register mark error at the take up sensor station occur very gradually over a relatively long period of time, 30 minutes or so.  Therefore by slowing the process error anomalies down to several transport delays, the drive controls will have sufficient time with minimal stress to catch up and reduce the error to zero (measurement equaling the set point).  By implementing this type of methodology, our register control technology is compatible with a wide range of illumination, sensing, and signal processing technologies for detection of any type of mark including keyed and none-keyed marks.


Improve Delivered Quality:

The Dandy Roll Control™ Technology can help your company improve product quality by automatically controlling material registration within customer specifications. Choose our Dandy Roll Control™ Technology for faster, more reliable, control of the delivered quality of your products.


Reduce Costs:

Our Dandy Roll Control™ Technology will help you to significantly reduce your company's costs for producing, sorting, and disposing of mis-registered products. They can also help to reduce costs for machine downtime and customer returns.


Achieve High Speed Operation:

A pulse generator, combined with our illumination, sensing, and signal processing technologies, ensures that registration accuracy is maintained throughout the process at any process speed. Since the pulse generator is integrated with a machine driven shaft, registration accuracy is not speed dependent.




Call SDS:

Call us today to discuss your register control application and to learn more about the industry's most complete line of web inspection related products.




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